Important Notice: Please read.

We are being made to change our practice and it will affect you.

I am sad to write this letter, but after 35 years as a doctor, and four years of dealing with an unfair Texas Medical Board, they have forced me to change my practice. We have been forced to agree to stop providing Federally Controlled Class II-IV medications for at least one year; this is being done to prevent having to relinquish my Medical License for what they say is not following their orders on how to care for patients with ADHD.


As of 18 October 2018, I have been ordered by the Texas Medical Board to surrender my DEA license for a minimum of one year as punishment for not complying with their Board Order. I hope that most of you don’t agree. I worked very hard to be the best at providing safe, inciteful and effective care. It is unfortunate that my misfortune will so harshly affect you and your family.


Over the next year I will try to develop better systems of reporting, ways to satisfy the Medical Board’s alleged concern. Ultimately, if all goes well, we can resume providing ADHD care in a new, more advanced center which will both incorporate all the best help available and do it in a way that shows more clearly to those who regulate how ADHD can be dealt with safely and effectively.


I will keep updating our FACEBOOK PAGE, “Aggieland ADHD Center” with tips, announcements and other things that can help you manage your day to day struggles. As patients, you will also still have access to our Internet Portal Account where we can communicate, whether it be questions about your health, or advice on managing ADHD and how to get help.


Sadly, there will be limits to what I’m allowed to do, and all the blood, money and tears spent weren’t able to stop this. But please stay in contact. Hopefully, in a short time, we’ll be able to have the opportunity to work together again.



Michael F. Ruggiero, D.O.
Past Clinical Assistant Professor
Dept. of Family and Community Medicine
Texas A&M HSC College of Medicine





About ADHD

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is just one of a group of pervasive, debilitating disorders affecting about 30 million Americans and up to 10 percent of the world's population. Heightened awareness of the condition has led to earlier recognition and diagnoses, but many adults with ADHD go undiagnosed and untreated.


The People at The Aggieland ADHD Center understand the difficulties people with ADHD face navigating the fast paced world of college life. They are an approachable, accessible area of expertise.


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