The signs of ADHD

This series of questions does not replace a consultation with a physician. If you have any questions, please call 979.774.0866 to schedule an appointment with Dr. R.

Can you start a single project and let others wait?  Or are you propelled to get all projects started, dividing your attention and slowing your overall progress?

Do you have difficulty following conversations, whether personal or observed?  Is movie dialogue sometimes tough to follow?

  • Do you feel edgy and on the move most of the day?
  • Do you spend money on things you don't need or want, but "could use"?
  • Do you have signs of road rage?  Multiple highway patrol contacts/tickets?
  • Have you always been told you could do SO MUCH BETTER if you just applied yourself?  Do others catch you daydreaming? Do you lose focus in class?
  • Have you had difficulty with relationships?  Is it hard to hold a job?
  • Do you feel like others are always trying to tell you ways to improve what you're doing?

If you believe too many of these questions describe your every day life, here is a self screening test provided by the World Health Organization.

ADHD Quick Screen

Download and complete the evaluation. If you feel your symptoms may be consistent with ADHD, contact Dr. R to schedule a clinical evaluation.